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Online Dating and Horses


Most people visit the horse racing events mainly because of the thrill, and the race itself. Not many think about having a date at an event like this. But it is actually possible to meet up and have a romantic date while watching the horses. Me and my girlfriend met this way. We started talking online on the dating site Then, after chatting with each other for a while, it turned out that we both had an interest in horses. That’s why this was a perfect set for our first date. We fell in love right there, and have been together ever since. And on top of that, our favorite horse won the race that day. So I thought I’d dedicate this post to writing about how these dating sites work and how I managed to get such great results from using them.

When I was actively dating, I made a list that I think could benefit others as well that are currently in the same seat as I was. Here it is:

    1. Choose the right dating site
      • There are plenty different ones to choose from, so my suggestion is to try several of them and then stick with the one that feels best.
      • Find a site¬†with dejtingsidor (dating sites in english)¬†that compares different options to find what alternatives are available.
      • Pick one that is targeted specifically to your own interests.
    2. Create a nice looking profile
      • Take your time and try to get as good results as possible with images.
      • Think about what others might find appealing to read in your description.
    3. Know your preferences and factor this in when you search.
      • Would you only like to meet other singles that live close to you, or are you ok with a long distance relationship?
      • Think about the most important traits you want in a partner and try to set a filter for this when you search. Some dating sites have an option that makes this feature available.

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That’s all there is to it. Maybe I just got lucky, but I think these steps helped me out a lot. If you have a passion for horses like me, and want to find someone to share that with. Online dating could be a great option. Of course, trying something new is often scary at first, so success might not come immediately. But sticking with it and breaking through your comfort zone can yield great results. I didn’t find my girlfriend the first day after signing up as a member on the dating site, some things take time, and maybe that’s for the best, so we can find the best partner possible. There are actually dating sites that are specifically created for singles with an interest in horses, although I haven’t tried them myself, they might be worth looking into.